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The Importance Of Sportsguard

If you are playing any type of impact sport, from football to rugby to basketball, you will need to have a sportsguard with you. Sportsguards are not just things you can chew on anxiously as your team loses points, but they also help you keep your teeth safe from impacts and injury. Our team at Hometown Dental is able to help you not only find the best sportsguard but also will help you understand why mouthguards are needed.

Sportsguards are pieces of plastic that fit over your teeth and act as a shield. If you do end up getting hit in the face by a ball, another player, or the ground, then the sportsguard is going to take the brunt of the implant. This protects your teeth from dental trauma and keeps your mouth safe.

Why Do You Need A Sportsguard?

Sportsguards are designed to be the first line of defense for your mouth in the event of an impact. Even though getting hit in the face with a ball or getting hit in the face by another player in a contact sport is pretty rare, it can happen. Sportsguards are designed to make sure that any injuries suffered by your teeth and mouth are lessened.

If you get hit in the face with a ball, then the sportsguard takes the brunt of the blow and prevents you from needing to run towards our dentist’s office. Several million teeth are knocked out by sports-related injuries annually, and even more are shattered or suffer other forms of dental trauma.

Finally, a good sportsguard can actually redistribute the force that slams onto your head during an impact. This can reduce the likelihood of broken bones, facial injuries, concussions, and other injuries, although it will not mitigate them entirely.

What Sports Have The Highest Percentage Of Injury?

While all forms of impact sports and various other types of sports that do not have impact-related risks can indeed give you injuries to your mouth, some are riskier. These sports have a higher percentage of facial injury and risk of dental trauma, but that does not mean that they should not be played.

One of the most known sports that have a large risk of dental trauma is the sport of hockey. It is almost impossible to find a hockey player that is not missing a tooth. The amount of impact in a hockey game is very large, and that is a sport that necessitates a sportsguard.

Football also needs a sportsguard, as you are getting into physical contact, often headfirst with various opponents to tackle them. While injuries to the face are rare, the sportsguard can prevent damage to your teeth with each tackle.

Getting A Good Sportsguard

Getting a sportsguard that is molded to your mouth is one of the best ways to keep your teeth safe. There are several ‘boil-and-bite’ kits that you can use to create your own sportsguard, or you can purchase a premade one.

If you need more information about why sportsguards can help you or how you or you child can get one, then please call us at 971-287-3477. Our Hometown Dental team knows all about sportsguards and we want to make sure your teeth are safe.
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If you need more information about why sports guards can help you or how you can get one then please call Hometown Dental in McMinnville today to find out more!
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