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Dental Filling
McMinnville, OR

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Myths About Fillings

Fillings, along with teeth whitening and dental cleanings, are one of the most common dental procedures that our team at Hometown Dental does. They help repair cavities, are essential in root canals, and can even help aid in dental trauma. With all of the uses for fillings out there in the world, there has also been a massive spread of myths and rumors that accompany it.

Most of these myths are things that need to be debunked, as they scare off people who need to get their teeth filled. In the interest of spreading as much information as we can, we wanted to share our debunking of these myths. Hopefully, it will encourage you to get your fillings done, and then you can start sharing the truth.

Fillings Hurt

Every single procedure in dentistry has a problem with a myth about pain, and fillings are no different. The myth that fillings hurt has been around for a while, but our team is going to do everything we can to prevent your pain. Typically, we will numb the area of your mouth with an anesthetic that can numb your face to stop you from feeling any pain. Additionally, we can sedate you with sedation to further make you feel less.

The procedure does not take too long, and you will not feel anything. In fact, if you do feel something, then you might need to speak to our dentist. We do not want you feeling any pain at all!

If Nothing Hurts It is Fine

One of the problems that can herald a cavity is a large toothache around the decaying area. However, that is not always the case, and in some cases, your cavity might not even hurt. That does not mean that you are out of danger at all, because even though nothing hurts, you will still have a problem.

Make sure that you see your dentist if you know you have a cavity. Even though you have no pain, the decayed tooth is still there. Our dentists are able to help you out and monitor the situation, and then you can use a filling to resolve the cavity.

Fillings Lead To Health Problems

The last myth about fillings is that they lead to health problems. That is not the case, and they can even prevent health problems. For example, if you are dealing with decay in one of your teeth, you will not need to worry about it spreading.

A filling can scoop out the badly decayed pulp and then replace it with the filling. The decay is gone, and it does not spread anymore, keeping the rest of your mouth safe.

Getting A Good Filling

If you need a good filing, then you should not be afraid of the process. Fillings are not dangerous or harmful at all, and you do not need to feel uneasy around them.

Fillings are some of the most common and most beneficial procedures that our dental team can do for you. Our dental team at Hometown Dental can give you a filling and remove the threat that tooth decay causes your mouth. Call our team at 971-287-3477 and we will be able to help you get your filling.
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