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How To Study For A Dental Exam

A dental exam is nothing more than a typical dental cleaning, however, that does not mean that you cannot study for it. If an A grade is having a healthy mouth with no problems, you can make the grade with a few tips. Our dentists at Hometown Dental are able to help you understand what the exam entails, so you have the best chance of getting through it.

For dental exams, a dental hygienist will clean your teeth. They will scrape off plaque, brush your teeth with fluoride, take x-rays, clean your gums, and talk to you about any problems they have seen. Then our dentist will come in and do another inspection of your mouth, and let you know about any warning signs.

The process does not take too long, and if you do end up having cavities or signs of something serious like tooth decay, our dentist will show you exactly how to fix them. Now that you know what the exam is like, we can give you tips to help you ace it.

Clean Your Teeth

This one is one of the most common answers out there, but it is also one of the best. If you do not want to get cavities, gum disease, or bad breath you need to clean your teeth. Brush across all your teeth and get the front and back. Also, make sure to floss after meals and wash your tongue and gums.

It is amazing how many people do not clean their teeth effectively, and that has contributed to the large rise in dental problems that our dentists are seeing today. Therefore, make sure to brush for two minutes and do it every single day to maximize your chances of doing well when the dental exam comes. Plus, it’s a very good habit.

Use Fluoride

Using fluoride does not have to just be whenever you are at the dentist, you can also use it at home. While there are small deposits of fluoride in the drinking water, you can be a little more direct and apply it directly to your teeth.

Make sure to use a safe toothpaste that has enough fluoride in it, and it will provide some extra protection for your teeth. Anything you can use to kill the bacteria and remove the plaque is your ally, and you might not even notice the difference between a normal toothpaste and one that contains fluoride.

Monitor Your Teeth

Finally, make sure to monitor your mouth. If you notice pain, tenderness, bleeding gums, or other problems then please call our team and get an appointment. The earlier we can handle a dental problem, the better. Early detection of things like gum disease can be important if you are trying to keep the disease down to its first stage.

Whenever you need a dental exam done, then please come to see us at Hometown Dental or get an appointment by calling 971-287-3477. Our properly trained team will perform the exam on your mouth, and if you have done the steps above you should pass with flying colors!
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Our dentists at Hometown Dental are able to help you understand what the dental exam entails, so you have the best chance of getting through it. Click here now!
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